When your Home is also your Office (and you can’t move!)

A Sign of the Times

A look at local home listings paints a sign of the times. For example, “Extra bedroom would make a great office!” Or “plenty of room for a desk … bonus room ideal for setting up work/study from home.” And here’s a classic, “backyard space perfect for adding an office outbuilding.” 

It used to be that most of us left home for work. Nowadays, a combination of better technology, the changing economy, and the pandemic means that many of us find our desks a whole lot closer to our beds than ever before. (Closer to the kitchen too, but that’s another blog for another day.)


We all need a little space to call our own. So what do you do if you’re struggling with living, working, and schooling out of your home, but you can’t or don’t want to purchase a new home


When You Just Don’t ‘Fit’ Anymore

You don’t necessarily need a new home. But you do need to be creative! Take a hard look at the space you have to work with. Make a list of your existing spaces then star any spots where you can carve out a nook or set up a station. 


Consider these: a guest bedroom, the laundry room, space under the stairs, a wide hallway, a walk-in closet. The barely-used formal dining room is becoming extremely popular with the work-from-home crowd. If your work requires phone and video calls, privacy (and maybe a locking door?) is likely to be your top concern. 


It Doesn’t Have to be a Huge Space

One mistake some people make is assuming you need an executive workstation. In fact, a comfortable chair, a small table with room for a cup of pens, a notebook and a laptop might do the trick. A catch-all basket can help keep you tidy. Think about keeping a file cabinet in a nearby closet for organizing overflow.


Nowhere to go But Up

You might find that more shelving in a den, more cabinets in a laundry room, or more overhead racks in a garage will open up the space you need. Can you remove a too-large piece of furniture? Add a space-saving, fold-up Murphy bed? Ask a friend for a second set of eyes to help you rearrange and find the space to set yourself up.


Don’t Skimp on the Details 

It doesn’t have to cost a mint, but be sure to pick one or two items that make the new space special. On your day off, add some fresh, light-colored, neutral paint. (White is best for small spaces.) Be sure to rearrange some art to your new office, too. Something to look at and take comfort in during all those Zoom meetings.

Picture a new work environment–or maybe just a sitting space to get away from it all. In this “new normal,” it might be all you need to improve your efficiency, productivity, and calm. 


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