The Best Gifts Homeowners Can Give Themselves This Christmas

As a smart shopper and practical homeowner, these ‘gift’ suggestions aren’t just for you and your family… they benefit your home and better your investment. From our Best Gifts Homeowners Can Give Themselves This Christmas Greatest Hits List, may we suggest…?

An extra mortgage payment.
Everyone’s budget and circumstances are different. But paying even a few dollars more toward your house debt each month can put you on track to pay off your mortgage early. And that frees up a ton of cash. Never pay more than you can afford to, but never discount the benefits of a fully-paid mortgage!

A renovation.
Or a fresh coat of paint or some landscaping. Over the holiday downtime, plan a few winter projects with your family. A little bit of extra work can go a long way toward improving your property value!

Another home.
If you’re thinking about investing in more real estate, winter is a great time to shop for deals. Whether it’s a rental unit, a home you can flip, or a new home for you and your family, make sure to do your research. Take a look at price-per-square-foot and property values over time. Talk to locals about growth potential in the area of your choice. And as always, never buy on emotion!

A new front door mat.
Or a wreath. Or a pot with some seasonal flowers. If your budget is limited this holiday season, go for something small but big on potential. Nothing boosts your curb appeal and says ‘welcome’ like some well-placed color and accessories to brighten up the entryway.

Don’t forget a little extra for your stocking! Make sure you’ve got a team of real estate and title professionals close at hand who can help make your home-buying and owning experiences the very best they can be. Clean Title, LLC, works to ensure our clients feel confident that when they sign on the dotted line, they’re signing to turn a house into a home.

Don’t miss our popular Title FAQs for tips that will give you the peace of mind only a clean title can!

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