It’s Virtually Sold! Marketing your Home Online.

Competition is fierce and in-person tours are so 2019. Don’t panic. There are still many ways you can set yourself apart and sell your house or property. Boosting your online presence is the best place to start.

Start with high-quality images

It’s an era of open concept plans, Pantone paint and HGTV-worthy listings. Shadowy or blurry pictures won’t inspire buyers. You need high-def, brightly lit, gleaming photographs that spotlight the very best of your house.


Whether taking photos yourself or investing in a professional, don’t forget to tidy up first! You want viewers to say, ‘I could see me there!’ Don’t let them get distracted by cluttered bookshelves and messy bathroom counters. A picture is worth a thousand words and is sure to sell a house if it’s a good one.

Set up a virtual tour

In this pandemic season, home tours and the shopping process has been turned on its head. A virtual tour is a perfect way for potential buyers to get a feel for your property without actually having to come over. Look for this option to become more popular with buyers and sellers alike as we grow used to real estate in the new normal.


You don’t need a 360-degree drone to get good footage. Updated smartphones do a decent job recording videos. Before you move from room to room, make sure the lights are all on and window shades are open for best lighting. Even easier still, you can use free online editing software to make a video slideshow. Just set individual pictures of the house to music or a voiceover.

Boost your online game

Another online essential for a successful real estate marketing plan is a strong social media presence. Plaster all the major social platforms with pictures of your home and share your best memory or what you’ll miss about it most. Make sure your neighbors get notified too… they can spread the news to their friends far and wide and hand-pick their new neighbors!


If your budget allows, try paid Facebook or Instagram ads to reach your target audience. There’s also Zillow and other real estate sites—make sure your agent has access and uses these extensively.

Hire a professional

You don’t have to go it alone. If there’s one place that it could be worthwhile to put a bit of budget these days, it’s on marketing your home to stand out from the home.


Find a full-service firm for your one-stop marketing needs. Award-winning local real estate marketing and photography firm Nola Real Estate Marketing has an impressive array of photo, video, staging, and listing packages that can do the work for you and help you get it sold.
You don’t need a huge budget to have a successful marketing campaign. There are plenty of low-cost
ways to attract buyers using the web. Happy listing.
And when it comes time to close on your sale, keep Clean Title, LLC, in mind. We’re researching the past to protect your future!
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