5 simple, Affordable Ways to Spruce up your House this Holiday Season


Shifting that unused vacation fund to tackle much-needed home repairs might be an easy choice this year. But if your income has seen an impact due to the pandemic, you don’t have to feel left out in the cold. You can still add some sparkle with your own low-cost home-improvement flair.


Want easy? Fast? And best of all, cheap? A little light landscaping and some fresh paint are your best bet. But here are a few more clever ways to upgrade your home without breaking the bank. Check out these five perfect projects for all that quality time at home during the 2020 holiday season!


Black Door Knobs

Tired of those ’70s gold plated knobs? Change out your hardware and there goes your repair budget. But check out a tube of black metallic wax ($8-$10) and now you’re in business. There are copper and silver tints as well. (First, be sure to check the finish on the inside of a backroom or on closet hinges to confirm you like it! If not, oil-rubbed bronze spray paint is your plan B.)


Carriage Doors on the Garage

A regal carriage door for your garage can really drive demand! While it looks great, it can certainly cost you your crown. Fear not, fair damsel in distress! Magnetic hinges and handles to the rescue. No drilling necessary! (Add faux windows for just $20 more.)  


Shiplap Wall Accent

Nothing makes a modern house look more classic than an accent wall. And it doesn’t take a master craftsman to build one. You can use the planks from pallets or trimmed plywood pieces. Stack them horizontally and attach them to your wall with anchored screws and construction adhesive. (Pinterest is the place for ideas and directions!)


“Vintage” Floor Tile 

You can spend the weekend (and empty your bank account) replacing your flooring. Orrrr… you can try some vinyl sticky tiles. It comes in amazing patterns and colors. Give a small, drab area a 10-minute makeover with a pop of bright, fun style!


Shower Curtain Pick-me-up

This one’s practically cheating. Treat yourself to a new shower curtain! You’ll love the look and your family will thank you. It’s the next best thing to a whole bathroom renovation. 


Make the most of this most wonderful time of the year with a few simple changes that go the distance and make your whole house shine for the holidays and into the future!

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