3 reasons to be thankful for a Thanksgiving at home 


Thanksgiving might look a little different for you and your family in 2020. If you’re following CDC recommendations for low-risk holiday activities, you’ll choose a small dinner with only the people who live with you in your home. 

For homeowners who love throwing an elaborate feast for a crowd, coronavirus presents a challenge. At Clean Title, we’re focusing on the bright side! Here’s three ways to count your blessings this holiday season. (Even if it means a quieter dinner without Aunt Etta’s famous pecan pie!)

Less fuss

Let’s face it, holidays can be stressful. And food prep can take a lot of time and energy. This year, with a smaller crowd, you can still make it special. But now, you’ll enjoy a much lower grocery bill and a lot less work getting ready. 

More leftovers

They say you shouldn’t try new recipes on guests. No wonder we’ve been eating the same stuffing recipe since 1967! Looks like 2020 is the perfect year to try a few new dishes with your immediate family. And the biggest bonus of all? With fewer mouths to feed, you’ll have more leftover. So you can have Thanksgiving (and dinner ready) all week! 

More time to focus on what matters

Maybe you and your family love games. Or it could be hiking in the woods during fall is your thing. With a big crowd, it’s always hard to get any activity started (except eating). Make plans now for a slower day with less time around the table and more time enjoying something you like to do together!

In case you need a few activity ideas, try these:

  • Prepare a few to-go plates for shut-ins who are at-risk for illness. Deliver them (in masks) as a group. Sing, dance or do a lot of extra waving from a safe distance outside their door.
  • Schedule dinner time to host a virtual dinner party with family and friends. Share recipes and stories while live.
  • Prepare your home early for December holidays. Enlist the kids to take over some of the decorating this year. (Why should you have all the fun?)
  • Set up an outdoor theater for the big game, parade-watching, or movies by the fire. 
  • When all else fails, plan next Thanksgiving. If a bigger house is on your wish list so you can host a table full, use this extra time to go house hunting!


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