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Successions, Wills, Trusts, And Estates

A will or trust allows you to decide how and to whom your assets will be distributed after your death. A will or trust provides specific instructions while removing the uncertainty of how your assets and liabilities will be distributed, thus allowing you to be in control. A trust offers additional advantages and protection, particularly where significant assets are involved, there are disabled persons or minors incapable of managing their finances or medical needs. Trusts are also useful to avoid succession proceedings. Whether you require a will, trust, or both, we can tailor these estate planning tools to your individual ideals and desires.

Upon death, a will involving immovable property must be probated before the court. In Louisiana, we call this a "succession". Succession is the legal process of opening and administering an estate after a person dies. If there is a will, the process of probating the will transfers ownership of assets and real property to persons named in the will as beneficiaries and heirs. If there is no will, opening a succession also transfers ownership of assets and real property according to heir ship established by Louisiana law.


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