How does the new tax plan impact me as a homeowner?

Any talk of taxes is sure to anger some and confuse most. But with a new tax plan in place, it’s important to know how the changes associated with the plan impact you as a current, or future, homeowner.

Here is a clear and straightforward breakdown of how the new tax plan affects homeowners in Louisiana.

Title FAQs During the Home Buying Process in Louisiana

Buying a house is an extremely exciting time in your life. Not only are you making an investment toward your future; you’re also creating a home for you and your family.

But as you’ve probably already gathered by now, the home buying process can also be stressful. So many papers to sign. Inspections. Appraisals. Offers and counteroffers.

And what about the title? Who handles the title? What’s title insurance? And do you actually need it?

Here are answers to some of the most common questions buyers ask us during the home-buying process.

Where does a title company fit in the home-buying process?

In simplest terms, here’s what the home-buying process looks like:


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