How Millennials are Shaping the Real Estate Market

The 2008 housing crisis struck around the same time that many millennials were graduating high school, college, or first dipping their toes into the workforce. This calamity in the real estate market, and the economic downturn that ensued, discouraged millennials from investing in real estate. In many cases, the economy stifled their ability to save, making home ownership more of a pipe dream for many young Americans. However, as the economy recovered and some of the lost confidence of young buyers returned, millennials came back to the market to shake things up.

Generally speaking, millennials have different interests and values than Gen X and Baby Boomers. These differences have forced the market to adapt and usher in a new era in home buying and real estate marketing. Here are just a few ways that the millennial generation has helped shape the real estate market going forward.

Tips for Buying Real Estate in a Bear Market

Investing in real estate is a daunting task, no matter what the economy looks like. However, when the free-market takes a dive, your choices can have even greater consequences down the road, for better or worse. Typically, a bear market indicates that the value of the market is in decline, and therefore prices are low. In principle, most experts recommend investing during a bear market, as it means you can get high value stocks and property at a low cost. These low prices will inevitably rise when the market recovers, allowing you to sell your investment for a profit.

Despite the apparent simplicity of bear market investing, it is not always easy to decide exactly when or how to start. As a result, many first-time real estate investors agonize over the decision. More often than not, when investors make decisions under stress, the results are disastrous. So, it is extremely important to approach real estate investment with a clear head and an understanding of the market. Here are just a few tips to make the most out of your bear market investment:

Clean Title's Top 3 recipes for the holidays

Crab CakesWe know what you’re thinking. Clean Title is your local go-to guide for real estate title searches. And we are! But we love celebrating the holidays just as much as you and your loved ones. More importantly, we love building bonds- whether it’s with our friends, clients, colleagues or neighbors. It doesn’t take long to learn that, in the South, most bonds are developed and remain because of delicious food.

In the spirit of the holidays, allow us to introduce our top 3 recipes that we can’t get through the season without.

Preparing your home for the holidays

The holidays are fast approaching. With that comes the hordes of friends and family to your home. Are you prepared for this onslaught of holiday traffic? Does your house look as good as it possibly can? Is your property safe for visitors of all shapes, sizes, and ages?


How can public record errors impact my title?

Your new home may be new to you. But it's not actually new. That home you're buying has a long history. And just like anything else with a history, there's a potential for some unwanted baggage.

Exactly what that baggage entails is exactly why a thorough title search is conducted during the closing process. The title search will reveal any defects on the title that might impact your purchase.

One of the most common title issues homebuyers in the Greater New Orleans area experience is an error in public records. But what exactly is this public records error?

To put it simply, it's caused by human error.


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