What you need to know about wire fraud in real estate

In 2017, close to $1 billion was "diverted or attempted to be diverted" from real estate transactions, according to an article in the Chicago Sun-Times titled Hackers scam homebuyers out of millions — and it's getting worse.

That figure is so staggering, that it's clear no one is immune. You need to know how to protect yourself so you don't become part of the statistic. And the best way to protect yourself is to know how this happens in real estate transactions.

How Title Companies Determine if a Title is Valid

When you hire a title company during a real estate transaction, you're hiring a company that specializes in confirming the legitimacy of a piece of real estate. Once the legitimacy is confirmed, that company will then issue title insurance for that property.

The goal of the title company is to provide a buyer with peace of mind that once he or she buys a piece of property, they are the rightful owner of that property. With hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake, you can see why title companies play such a pivotal role in every real estate transaction in Louisiana.

But not everyone is clear on how title companies determine a title is, indeed, valid.

Here at Clean Title of Greater New Orleans, we conduct a title search. During this search, we look for outstanding mortgages, liens, judgments, or unpaid taxes tied to the property.

How does the new tax plan impact me as a homeowner?

Any talk of taxes is sure to anger some and confuse most. But with a new tax plan in place, it’s important to know how the changes associated with the plan impact you as a current, or future, homeowner.

Here is a clear and straightforward breakdown of how the new tax plan affects homeowners in Louisiana.

Title FAQs During the Home Buying Process in Louisiana

Buying a house is an extremely exciting time in your life. Not only are you making an investment toward your future; you’re also creating a home for you and your family.

But as you’ve probably already gathered by now, the home buying process can also be stressful. So many papers to sign. Inspections. Appraisals. Offers and counteroffers.

And what about the title? Who handles the title? What’s title insurance? And do you actually need it?

Here are answers to some of the most common questions buyers ask us during the home-buying process.

Where does a title company fit in the home-buying process?

In simplest terms, here’s what the home-buying process looks like:


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